We love our customers and appreciate every single compliment from them! If you have worked with us and have something nice to say, let us know so we can post it to this page!

I just wanted to let you know that we have gotten so many compliments on the postcards you designed for us earlier this year. Others have asked me where I had them done and I shared your contact information! Thank you!


Schools of Hope

I just wanted to let you know that we have gotten so many compliments on the postcards you designed for us earlier this year. Others have asked me where I had them done and I shared your contact information! Thank you!


Schools of Hope

I’m really noticing an increase in new client calls. Thanks for your work!


JLC Therapy

The recruitment postcards you did for us have been SO helpful when I go to career fairs and other events. Finding someone like you is wonderful – professional, talented, and understands that as a non-profit we don’t have lots of money to spend. Good way to end the week. Take care and stay fabulous Jamie!


Schools of Hope

I provided Jamie with some basic ideas for my logo and she came up with several concepts – it was hard to choose just one! She made the process so quick and easy, and I love what we ended up with. Thank you Jamie!


Advocate Search Group

You’re the best, Jamie! I really couldn’t do my job without you – and the gift of your design makes an impact on how people perceive MOM and their support of our organization. Thank you for making such a huge difference in your community!


Middleton Outreach Ministry

I wanted to let you know that my contact at Amazon saw our website and RAVED about it! She said she sees a ton and most are not very good, but she was really genuine about the one you did for us and went on and on about how good it looks. So I wanted to let you know that and say thank you very much! We really appreciate it!


Baja Cafe

Thanks, Carrie! The site looks amazing. We really appreciate all of your great work!


Culinary Institute of America

Thank you Carrie! You help make me look great 🙂


Johanson Transportation

Just a quick note of thanks. I’m sure the meeting is going to go very well today, in large part due to your wonderful effort on this. I know I’m speaking for both me and Scott when I say it’s a delight to be working with you!


Bay Creative

Thanks for your prompt reply! As a small business owner, I know that compliments aren’t always shared and wanted you to know I had a great experience with you, and I so appreciate what you do!


Peak Asethetics

Thanks Carrie – that is good and very much appreciated! We are so happy with the work you’ve done for us.



Brenna passed along your contact information, and I’m hoping we may be able to discuss options for you to assist with website updates/development and SEO. She spoke very highly of you and your abilities!



Thank you so much for the great work. I love the website. We will for sure work together soon!


Connect China

Appreciate all of your help with our webpage – and especially with helping to fix the fiasco!


Schools of Hope

This looks great, thank you! You are the best!


Friends of the Front Range Wildlife Refuges

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how responsive and thorough you are! I’ve worked with so many web people over the last 10 years and some are great programmers, but don’t get the design side, or vice versa. Some don’t get customer service. You are definitely the complete package!


Lingsch Realty

Thank you, Carrie, for explaining this to me and your continued great service. I just love working with you and Jamie. Can you believe how long it’s been? Like 15 years!


Thompson Investment Management

Rock Star Carrie! Amazing turnaround!


Culinary Institute of America

HUGEST thanks for your work on Fire Fest. Truly rocking work, ma’am!



Awesome, thanks. Thank you for catching all the errors and suggesting changes, I appreciate the fact you are proactive and very detailed!


Disabilitiy Benefits Alliance

You are a Suuperstarrr!!!!! (said in the Molly Shannon voice)


Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin

Everything looks perfect, you are such a great person to work with.


Flyaway Productions

Thanks for doing that so fast. You are always so on top of things!


Watkins Family Winery

I KNEW you were up for the challenge… AND not surprised that we got a logo approval so quick. You’re damn good girl!


Kerry Ingredients

I just went through everything I think it looks great! I really like the changes you suggested. The whole front page just looks a ton cleaner!



You are so fast – and so amazing! We love the logos!


Middleton Outreach Ministry

There’s no question you’re really good at what you do. We immediately went up in the rankings when you went to work on our behalf. I can see how a business that survives on web sales needs this ongoing service, thanks!


Front Porch

Just thought I’d let you know that I had my first contact submission from a potential client. Good news! The SEO is working.


Pentoney Counseling

I appreciate the reports, and all of your feedback. I would love to work with you again in the future so let’s stay in touch!


Nationwide Expos

Thank you, Carrie. This is so appreciated. You really didn’t need to work on a Sunday!

Center for Deaf Blind Persons

You take such good care of us, it’s the least I could do. Thank you for all of your help with the website!


The Pepper Plant